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Gaming Build Price in Bangladesh 2022

Bangladesh provides gamers with the best games at the best price. PC Gaming PC is a PC designed to provide the performance required to play video games. Modern gaming platforms integrate some common performance-oriented hardware components, such as high-end processors. , Graphics cards, RAM, and SSD are used for fast storage and so on. It can be divided into low, medium, and high-level machines according to their functions. RAM, solid-state drives, etc. To create a game system, you must understand the basic components of the game and have a thorough understanding of the market prices of these components. 

NUCBD PC Builder gives you the opportunity to clearly understand how the game is made. Online and side-by-side computers provide the best prices. This reduces the time and effort for buyers to obtain the desired game settings within their budget. Stunning configuration equipped with the best Intel and Ryzen gaming processors. These machines are also equipped with matching game boxes and RBG-RAM, which complement the high-quality hardware. Taking into account the client's desktop budget, they are equipped with lower-cost components. If you want to receive one of them from anywhere in Bangladesh, you just need to publish it. Order on our website.

Brands: AMD Model: Ryzen 5 5600G
Ex Tax:42,000৳
Brands: INTEL Model: i5
DescriptionUCB Desktop Combo brings you a customized all in one pc solution that comes with Intel 9th Gen Processor, MSI H310M Intel Chipset Motherboard, JUHOOR 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB SEAGATE SATA HDD, Casing REVENGER PHANTOM Gaming ATX Casing, Power Supply REVENGER 350 Watt PSU, LOGITECH Keyb..
Ex Tax:44,100৳
Brands: INTEL Model: Intel Core i5
39,500৳ 41,800৳
Ex Tax:39,500৳
Brands: AMD Model: AMD Ryzen 5
49,700৳ 54,200৳
Ex Tax:49,700৳
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