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Desktops PC Price in Bangladesh

Choosing a Desktop PC

Selecting the right desktop computer is a matter of playing to your strengths.Think about what you need the computer to do to make your day better. As a gamer, for example, you'd probably need a high-end graphics card. If you need to analyze hundreds of thousands of rows in a single spreadsheet, you'll likely want upgraded memory.

If you don't already have a monitor, look at an all-in-one desktop computer. To make your setup more minimalist, opt for a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you have a printer, you'll need to determine if it connects wirelessly or if you need a specific port on the computer to make it compatible.

What's a Desktop Computer?

Simply put, a desktop PC is any IBM-compatible computer that sits on top of a desk. Usually, laptops and Macs don't fall into this category, even though Mac does make its own desktops. A PC workstation is highly customizable. If you want to store a massive amount of photos and videos on your hard drive, the workstation is easy to upgrade and offers some additional options such as SSD. However, if customizing isn't important to you, then you'll enjoy the simplicity of an HP desktop computer or something similar that has an all-in-one design.

What's the Best Desktop Computer?

This depends on how you intend to use your desktop PC. A Windows desktop computer, for instance, can perform many tasks extremely well, and some specialize in certain jobs and also manage basic tasks. If you plan to edit video files, you'll want a machine with a large hard drive to store the raw data as well as your compilations without lag. A desktop computer with SSD is helpful if you need faster access to video files. Most long-form PC games require a machine with a faster CPU and more video memory, such as one of the many customizable Lenovo desktop computers.

What Are Wireless Desktop Computers?

There are a number of advantages to going with a wireless desktop computer. In addition to avoiding clutter, many of the all-in-one desktop computers include some unique features such as touchscreens. All-in-ones often don't have as many ports or slots for upgrades as a traditional workstation does, but the wireless machines offer simplicity of design and usage over complexity. All-in-one desktop computers also fit the needs of everyone: from kids who draw their art projects on the screen, to busy professionals who bounce between lots of tasks.

Model: AMD Budget PC for Freelancing
AMD Budget PC for FreelancingProcessor: Athlon 200GEMotherboard: MSI A320M-A PRO MAXRAM: Revenger 8GB DDR4, 2666MHzSSD: AZEK 120GB SATA SSDPower Supply: Revenger Lite Power 350W PSUCase: Revenger Official Case MX-6 / MX-10..
Ex Tax:20,500৳
Model: Basic Gaming & Freelancing Budget PC Package
Basic Gaming & Freelancing Budget PC PackageProcessor: Intel Core I3 10th GenMotherboard: MSI Intel Motherboard H510M PRO-ERAM: Revenger 8GB DDR4, 2666MHzSSD: AZEK 128GB SATA SSDPower Supply: Revenger Lite Power 350W PSUCase: Revenger Official Case MX-2 with side LED strip..
Ex Tax:27,500৳
Brands: AMD Model: ATHLON 3000G
Ex Tax:21,200৳
Brands: INTEL Model: H110
Budget PC for Freelancing & Basic Gaming..
Ex Tax:19,000৳
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