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MaxGreen 650VA UPS
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Brands: Maxgreen Model: 650vamax
Description :Capacity 650VA/360W Input Voltage 220Vac Input Voltage Range 140-290VAC Frequency Range 50 Hz Output Voltage 220Vac AC Voltage Regulation ±10% (Bat Mode) Frequency Range 50Hz ± 1Hz (Bat Mode) Transfer time Typical 2-6ms Waveform  Simulated Sine Wave (Bat Mode) Batt..
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MaxGreen MG-LI-EAP 1200VA Offline UPS
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Brands: Maxgreen Model: MG-LI-EAP
MaxGreen MG-LI-EAP 1200VA Offline UPSMaxGreen MG-LI-EAP 1200VA Offline UPS comes with a capacity of 1200VA that provides emergency power backup with the help of batteries when the input power source fails. This uninterruptible power supply unit has Nominal Voltage 220v, Voltage regulation 1%, Freque..
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